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MESS OF THE WEEK (1) – Zuzjshy Lemon avec Balmy Basil Panacotta (with Rollicking Raspberry Relish)

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Hello food…..

This recipe was created for Mother’s day this year. My Mama loooooooves her creamy desserts and loves lemon, but I felt the basil would add a little something extra to this dessert, and the Raspberry Relish (just a coulis, but I LOVE alliteration) adds an extra flavour dimension. A lovely light dessert too!!! For cream lovers like Kate Barrowclough this is the perfect end to any meal!
For 4 portions of – Zuzjshy Lemon avec Balmy Basil Panacotta (with Rollicking Raspberry Relish)
350ml Double Cream
30g Caster Sugar
2 Lemon (juice & zest of one)
30g Fresh Basil
2 Leaves Gelatine
200g Raspberries
30g Icing sugar
1. Slowly heat the cream, sugar, 1 of the lemon’s juice and zest on a medium heat on the hob, until all sugar has dissolved.
2. Keep aside 4 Nice pieces of Basil for presentation. Blanch the rest (including stalks) in boiling hot water for 10 seconds. Strain and place in ICE COLD water to stop them cooking! Leave for 2 minutes then strain and pat dry with some PAPIERE (kitchen paper).
3. Chop the Basil finely and place in cream mix.
4. Place Gelatine in warm water for 3 minutes to soften slightly and then place in cream and stir in until dissolved.
5. Let mixture cool and pour into ramekins. Place in fridge and leave to set for at least 4 hours.
6. Brrrrrrrrup (mix) together Raspberries, juice of remaining Lemon and Icing sugar in food processor for 20 seconds or so.
7. Place mix in sieve and push through (collecting coulis in a bowl – don’t lose it down the sink!). Leave to cool in fridge!
8. Serve Pannacotta and coulis together, if you’re feeling very adventurous you could make some spun sugar -I don’t think it’s very safe though and don’t want to be responsible for injuries, so I won’t write how to do that on here – Googlify it!
Enjoy Enjoy!
Love Jess

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