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MESS OF THE WEEK (4) Jess’s Speciality – Meringues

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Hello food…..

So, I can’t remember when I first made these, but my family always loved them, so it became almost a tradition to make them at Christmas and every other family meal, as they’re a lovely sweet, but light way to finish the meal. The recipe is ridiculously easy, but make sure you follow the instructions, so they are crispy on the outside, but nice and chewy on the inside. A perfect dessert for a sunny day, eating outside with lovely summer berries or even a cold day with winter berries, just a lovely lovely dessert! I’d always choose this!
3 Large Egg Whites
170g Caster Sugar
300g Raspberries
100g Icing Sugar
10ml Lemon Juice
400ml Double cream
200g Strawberries (quartered)
1. Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 1
2. Grease baking trays and place greaseproof paper on.
3. Stiffly whisk egg whites (so you can hold bowl over your head and not get covered in them)!
4. Add sugar gradually, and whisk.
5. Place small dollops on greaseproof paper.
6. Cook for 1 hour.
7. Place 200g Raspberries, Icing Sugar and Lemon Juice in Food Processor and whizz together.
8. Put mix into sieve and push through with spoon into bowl. This is your coulis.
9. Whip double cream.
10. After Meringues cooked, leave in oven to cool.
11. When cooled, place 2 Meringues on plate, cover with cream, strawberries, remaining raspberries and coulis.
12. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
Hope you enjoy this one! It’s one of my favourites!

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