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BBQ Madness

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Hello food…..

So, after Harry Potter fun it was time for birthday fun and I had a beautiful bbq with all the wonderful people in my life! I had to work very very hard with all the food though as I made quite a feast! Luckily Jason was here to be my wonderful sous chef otherwise I would never have got through it. It was a worldwide feast with:

1. Lemon and Basil Halloumi Skewers
2. Turmeric and Lime Leaf Chicken Skewers
3. Prawn Skewers with Mango Salsa
4. Jerk Chicken Legs
5. Lamb and Mint Burgers
6. Beef Burgers
7. Various Sausages
8. Lemon Butter Haddock
9. Potato Salad
10. Pasta Salad
11. Salad Salad
12. Funky Chunky Tomato Relish
13. Meringues
14. Strawberry Cheesecake

Therefore I was very busy, but all the food went, so must have been ok. And I haven’t had any reports of food poisoning yet. It was the most wonderful day with the most wonderful people! Loved it!


One thought on “BBQ Madness

  1. Jess ~ lemon & basil halloumi skewers recipe puhlease!! sounds yum (ta, Mel Holmes)


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