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Face on a cake

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Well, what can I say?

I apologise dramtically for my lack of ‘blogness’ over the summer. I was working wierd hours, and having no routine doesn’t help. So now I have a normal hours job and therefore the blogging can commence with a vengeance!

So, I started my beautiful new job and a cake had to be made as a leaving present, I’m not going to get into the moustache, but it isn’t as offensive as it could appear to the outsider! But anyway, a cake had to be made and the Jess’s Messes expertise was required. I cannot take credit for the decorations, and I think they were definitely what made the cake what it is! But anyway, at least I’m getting back into my cooking and baking and returning to the Jess’s Messes state of mind!

Again I apologise for my lack of enthusiasm over the last month, but now, I promise I am back, and back for good!

Anyone who wants a cake of their face……. probably not best to come to me!

Enjoy your food everyone, and keep checking back for recipes of the week, which will appear AT LEAST once every week from now on! 🙂

Love Jess


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