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MESS OF THE WEEK: Lincolancashire Hotpot

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Hello food…..

 So I had a request for a Lancashire Hotpot recipe and this is what was created. The name is because, my family all being Yorkshire, I can’t officially make anything called ‘Lancashire’ however, I don’t class myself as being from Yorkshire as I was born in Lincoln, so I’m bringing that in.

This recipe Is a goooood one for making and leaving to eat later as it takes a while to get the lamb nicely tender. I decided to put it on now, as it is getting soo much colder now, a good ‘winter warmer’

600g Lamb Shoulder/Neck (diced)
20g Plain Flour
2 Tsp Sea Salt
2 Tsp White Pepper
20g Butter
4 White Onions (Sliced)
1 Red Onion (Sliced)
2 Cloves Garlic
10g Rosemary
10g Thyme
200ml Red Wine
600g White Potatoes (Peeled)
150ml Lamb Stock.
Salt and Pepper

1. Place Lamb in bowl with sea salt, white pepper and flour and mix until lamb is thinly coated with seasoning and flour and place in hotpot dish.
2. Place 15g Butter in a pan and fry onions, garlic rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper slowly until onions are softened. (You can also add some carrot here, if you want to get some of you ‘5 a day’ included).
When onions are soft, add red wine and cook on a high heat until wine reduces and onions have absorbed the wine.
3. Cover the lamb with the onions.
4. Slice the potatoes about 2-3mm thick, depending how you prefer them. Melt the remaining butter and place in a bowl with potato slices and some salt and pepper and mix until all potatoes are coated.
5. Place Potato slices on top of the onion in layers until all is used. You can do this artistically or just as it ends up, it doesn’t affect the flavour in any way. :)
6. Pour lamb stock over the potatoes and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
7. Place lid on hotpot dish then bake in oven 180 degrees/ gas mark 5 for 30 mins.
8. Turn oven down to 130 degrees/gas mark 3 and bake for 2 1/2 hours.
9. Finally take the lid off the dish and turn oven back to 180 degrees/gas mark 5 and bake for a further 30 minutes, or until potatoes are golden and slightly crispy.
10. Serve with whatever you like (we had pickled red cabbage).


Let me know if any requests!


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