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Hello food…..

It’s cold, I’ve got a cold. Need something quick, but healthy, but warm, but tasty. So many things to consider! Noodley Doodley Doo Soup was the obvious option. Have the basic essentials in the fridge anyway. Just some beansprouts to buy. Nice and easy and so so warming. Chicken noodle soup is that ‘typical’ dish people seem to have when they’re ill. This is different though, it has some lovely Asian flavours – which will always be my favouties. Don’t get me wrong, this is no Pho Bo (my favourite noodle soup creation). But to get that recipe you’ll have to either ask, or get a copy of Jess’s Messes!

Here’s the recipe for Noodley Doodley Doo Soup:


1 shallot (diced)

1 ½cm cube ginger (diced)

1 clove garlic (crushed)

2 green chillies (deseeded and chopped)

2 stalks lemongrass (chopped)
1 Chicken Breast (sliced)

250 ml Chicken Stock

2 handfuls of fresh spinach

50g beansprouts

Large bunch coriander (roughly chopped)

1 portion of egg noodles


1.      Fry the shallot, ginger, garlic, chillies and lemongrass on a medium heat until softened.
2.   Add chicken and cook until slightly browned

  3.    Add stock and simmer for 5 minutes.

4.     Add noodles and cook for a further 3 minutes.

5.     Add spinach, cook for a further minute, then remove from heat.

6.     Sprinkle coriander over the mix and stir in.

7.     Serve immediately.
Enjoy! And hopefully recover if you’re feeling slightly off colour too!

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