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Hampers completed!

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Hello food…..

So on 22nd December the Hampers were finally completed and delivered to everyone expecting them!

Had some great feedback so far and look forward to hearing back from more people!

On describing my ‘Stupendous Samosas’ – Joseph Rudi Pielichaty said, They were like a dream, spice clouds floating through the skies and into my mouth where they rained a tropical storm of sex onto my tongue.”– He’s always had a wonderful way with words.

I’ ve got one more delivery to go on 2nd January then that part of Jess’s Messes is complete (for now) then some reformatting of the book (which you can see slightly in the picture) and it will be ready for anyone and everyone to get their hands on!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and had a wonderful Christmas dinner, thanks to Mum Barrowclough Christmas dinner was as fantastic as ever! Wonderful!

Happy New Year!!!


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