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Dave’s Gnocchi Good Times!

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Hello food…..


For Christmas the wonderful Wheatcrofts got a copy of the Jess’s Messes cookbook, as their prvious copy was eaten by the most fantastic dog in the world Gary. That clearly shows how tasty the recipes are, the book itself is eaten trying to get at them.

Today, Dave created the ‘Gorgeous Gnocchi Bakey Bake‘ that looks absolutely fantastic, to be honest, I’m a bit jealous as it looks better than when I made it!

Dave with the Bakey Bake

This recipe is a great quick and easy option, so you can have speedy, yet tasty tea (or dinner, whatever you call your evening meal)! Also, you can make this vegetarian, as it is in the book, or non-veg by adding meat or fish of your choice! 😀

If you would like a copy of this recipe, just give me an email: and ask for that. Or, more excitingly ask me for a copy of the book and I can sort one out for you!

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for the next recipe of the week: Spinach, Watercress and Wensleydale soup!

Also I have a NEW Facebook Page. Make sure you ‘Like’ it to keep up to date with everything that’s going on!!


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