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Cheese of the week!

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Hello food…..

The holiday people

Last week I was on a wonderful skiing holiday in France. Lovely people, lovely skiing and most importantly lovely food.

We had crepes and waffles and vin chaud during the day whilst skiing. But in the evenings, EVERY night there was a 4 course meal! 4 courses! AMAZING!


The favourite course (possibly of everyone there) was the cheese course. We had this before dessert and had some amazing new cheeses every day. Being with my sister – Elly and her ‘wife’ Rachel meant that all the cheese was devoured every night. There were many times certain cheeses were declared “CHEESE OF THE WEEK”, but then the next night another would take its place.

More Cheese

I have never written or thought much about cheese in my life, but it was an eye-opening experience last week, I loved it!

The final result was that the Abondance was the best cheese – it was made really locally to our chalet and quite a few of us brought a large block back home with us!

Anyway cheese rant over.

Thanks to Josh for the Cheese Photos

Even more cheese

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