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Hello food…..

Nicola ready to raise money!
The DriveWorks People

The lovely Nicola Woollacott organised a FANTASTIC charity coffee afternoon at work on Thursday for Cancer Research.

The main raffle prize
Tarts – variety of flavours

Jess’s Messes provided a few different snacks for the day, along with Nicola, Sarah and Nicola’s mum. It was VERY successful and we managed to make about £200 just from random donations and a raffle.

In the raffle the 1st prize was the first Jess’s Messes hamper of 2012. This was made in one evening, and was quite rushed, so is not as beautiful as the Christmas ones are planned to be. However, I still thought it should be featured on here so you can see an idea of how your Christmas Hamper will be – *roughly*! 🙂 We managed to sell 70 (seventy) raffle tickets, so I am hoping that some of that was because people genuinely wanted a Jess’s Messes hamper. The winner was someone in another office, so fingers crossed he will enjoy and place an order!


All in all a very successful day! Getting so excited about creating the hampers now!

– Remember get your order in before December 1st!




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