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The Best Ribs I Have EVER Tasted!

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Hello food…..

The Rib Man’s AMAZING foooood!

Last Monday I went to The Restaurant Show in Earl’s Court and had utterly the best food experience of my life. There was a ‘Streetfood Market’ set up! With so much choice it was quite the challenge to decide which to visit, but then, out of the corner of my eye I saw the thing that changed my food life forever….. The Rib Man stall.

Now I have always been a fan of ribs ever since my childhood regular birthday experiences of Damons in Lincoln, but this was just too fantabulous for words. The meat was all off the bone and placed in a lovely bread bun and then covered in your choice of sauce. We went for the least spicy option, it still had a bit of a kick to it, but in a wonderful way that just set your tastebuds alight! There was a little too much for me and my teeny tummy, but nevertheless it still all got polished off eventually, there was no way even a smidgen of that delight was going to visit the dark, damp cavern of a bin!

There was potentially a little too much meat, environmentally speaking, however this was one time that my tastebuds beat my principles in life priority as it was just so so so good!

Ridiculously Rich Ribs

To all my friends in living/visiting London I can’t describe to you how much I would recommend that you visit one of The Rib Man’s street food stalls at Brick Lane and Kings Cross on specific days.

If you want to make some lovely ribs I have a recipe that, compared to the above delights, is not the best in the world, but is still pretty tasty: Ridiculously Rich Ribs.


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