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Hello food…..

 It was the lovely Nicola’s birthday party last night, therefore it was essential to make a cake. Now a standard every day cake would just not have been beautiful enough and celebratory enough – therefore the decision was made to create a RAINBOW CAKE! A lovely, pretty challenge for Jess’s Messes!

Together, with Jane and Sarah the most colourful cake in the world was created. We did not include an indigo layer, as there were already far too many colourings going into the cake. However the final product was still pretty impressive (even if I do say so myself)! 🙂

We just made a big bowl of standard sponge mix – which I then proceeded to drop my phone into… Then divided into 6 bowls and added horrendous amounts of colouring. After cooking it was time to build the cake and decorate. Simply built the cake with a plain butter cream between each layer and around the outside!

We made the decoration of the cake nice and simple, so the surprise and joy of the cake was when it was sliced into! Everyone seemed to enjoy it, however my advice to everyone who wants to make this and eat it. Cut the teeniest, tiniest, thinest slices as otherwise it’s practically impossible to finish it!

A great success! I will DEFINITELY be making it again soon. 🙂



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