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Croquembouche Success

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Hello food…..

The successful Croquembouche

After an absolute Jess’s Messes disarrrster  when making Jane’s croquembouche for her birthday, ok it tasted nice, but looked insanely bad, I was determined this time round there would be croquembouche success.

And this time….. there was!

I started making the profiteroles and the creme patissiere filling a couple of days in advance. Then on the day I crisped up the profiteroles, filled them and melted the sugar. Oliver (my clever, maths minded brother) made a lovely cone and the assembling began. This was not a process without pain… I still have a few blisters on my fingers and thumbs from boiling hot sugar disasters, however, it was definitely beginning to feel more stable than last time.

As I slowly built up the tower my confidence grew and ther was real hope that this time it could work. Then, it was time to turn it out…..


The moment of truth.

I was so excited, and scared but as i cut and peeled away the cone, it appeared to stay, yes it was holding it’s shape – SUCCESS!!!

It lasted all night, and in the morning I added some chocolate to give it colour.

A happy, chocolatey end to any story.


Happy days…..


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